NiteLites of Houston brightens the coming Easter weekend in Tomball

Mr. Rob Greening, the owner/operator, is donating temporary event lighting for The First Presbyterian Church of Tomball’s reenactment of The Last Supper. This event will celebrate the last Passover meal for Jesus among his Apostles before his arrest and subsequent crucifixion, beginning the Easter weekend festivities. Mr. Greening is heavily involved in Tomball charities and community including stage lighting for the Tomball German Festival, sponsorship of Light the Night, sponsorship of the Charity 5K Bunny Run for Children, and was even named Volunteer of the Year by the Tomball, Texas Chamber of Commerce.

In addition to many charitable works, our Houston location offers the very best in residential and commercial outdoor lighting services. They design and install expandable, energy efficient, low voltage outdoor lighting systems. Each system is created by one of our professional contractors. Every property is different, and it is very important to accent unique elements to enhance the visual appeal of the lighting. We can implement many different types of lighting applications to achieve the desired effects.

Our brand fixtures operate with eco-friendly energy saving LED landscape lighting in our copper and brass specification-grade outdoor light fixtures. Our LEDs use up to 75% less energy than halogen lamps and boast a long life span of up to 30,000 to 40,000 hours. There are also additional qualities of using LEDs besides the long-term savings in energy costs. Since these lamps last longer, clients reduce unnecessary waste, and they do not contain hazardous materials such as lead or mercury. In a world that is quickly embracing energy-saving technology, prospective clients benefit from our LED landscape lighting system.