Our Cincinnati lighting experts will exhibit at the upcoming 2011 Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo. The event, sponsored by Ram trucks, will take place from January 21st to 23rd at the Sharonville Convention Center. Local Tri-State building and remodeling contractors and artisans will offer demonstrations, seminars, and helpful tips for potential and existing Cincinnati homeowners.

Our contractors of Cincinnati, Dayton, and Northern Kentucky will be available all weekend to share the benefits of our top of the line, specification grade low voltage outdoor lighting systems versus pre-packaged solar lighting. The solar lights purchased at major chain home improvement stores may seem economical and environmentally friendly, when in fact that is not entirely the case. They are mostly made of easily breakable plastic and not designed for use over long time periods. Because of these short shelf lives, their solar cells or batteries, which are bad for the environment, along with their plastic fixtures, get tossed into landfills when a new system is purchased. The solar cells contain hazardous materials and rare metals which should only be recycled. Although some makers of these lights have the proper recycling protocols or facilities for these products, the majority of property owners throw them in the garbage.

Low voltage landscape lighting systems truly are the best and most versatile options for exterior home or business improvement projects. Using fixtures consisting of 12 volts, our landscape lighting systems are both energy and cost efficient. The custom installation process is minimally invasive to the property; everything is done by hand so no deep trenching is involved. By precisely adjusting the fixtures after installation, our professionally trained lighting designers guarantee that hot spots will be eliminated, casting a gentle glow on the landscapes, buildings, or specific focal points. Each property offers a unique canvas on which professional lighting designers can create their own work. With slight variations in wattage, angles of lights, plus careful placement of lighting fixtures, these designers avoid the look caused by a lack of variety in the lighting techniques. Low voltage lighting also offers submersible options for property owners needing dock, fountain, pond, or poolside lighting.