Outdoor lighting company of Ft. Myers and Naples, NiteLites of Southwest Florida, the Architecture and Landscape Lighting Professionals, will be available at the Cape Coral Fall Home Show October 13th and 14th, The show will be held at the 47th Terrace at Club Square, 4647 Southeast 9th Street in Cape Coral. The show features the latest in home improvement products and services – from floor to roof, patio to pool, deck to dock, inside and out. While attending the show, stop at the NiteLites booth, # 145, and let Ryan Lewis and his staff, demonstrate NiteLites – coastal friendly outdoor lighting products. Mr. Lewis will also explain the benefits of an outdoor landscape lighting system, and share his spectacular pictures of homes and landscapes illuminated by a NiteLites outdoor lighting system.

Ft. Myers Deck Lighting

As autumn approaches, the daylight hours are beginning to dwindle, but the temperatures remain moderate. In fact, the autumn nights provide a refreshing relief from the heat of a Southwest Florida summer. So why let the darkness limit the enjoyment afforded by the outdoors? Garden lighting, deck lighting, pond and pool lighting and walkway lighting extend the daylight well beyond sunset. NiteLites encourages homeowners to not allow the setting sun mean the end of the day for the yard or home exterior. NiteLites professionals can brighten any property by highlighting selected features of the home or garden with an outdoor lighting system. And, while accenting features of the home and landscape, NiteLites low voltage lighting systems also provide safety and security. Guests can navigate illuminated walkways without fear of tripping over an unseen obstacle. Unwelcome guests who prefer to visit properties after dark will find no haven in a lighted environment.

Lighting a property provides a creative way to showcase the beauty of the landscape and garden investments. NiteLites professionals have the training and experience to design and install a custom low voltage, specification grade lighting system. Low voltage lights can be strategically installed to add rich depth and textures to trees, shrubs, flower beds, and statues in the evening. And because of the design of the fixtures, lighting trespass – is minimized – the lights illuminate only the intended subject.

NiteLites is an industry leader in the low voltage outdoor architecture and landscape lighting field, and specializes in both residential and commercial installations. NiteLites has been in business since 1998, and offers complete outdoor lighting service – from planning, through installation, to a comprehensive maintenance plan, ensuring the ongoing enjoyment of its lighting systems. NiteLites sole business is outdoor lighting systems. The NiteLites professional will set up a temporary installation on a prospect – property at no charge to demonstrate the dramatic effect that a NiteLites system can have. NiteLites will then provide a written estimate for the complete installation. Once installed, the NiteLites professional will consult with the property owner to determine the final aiming of the individual lights. NiteLites also offers an industry leading, limited lifetime warranty.

NiteLites only installs high quality, energy efficient, specification grade low voltage fixtures and transformers which are manufactured to exact specifications. NiteLites goes the extra mile for quality…even down to the kind of connectors used for wiring. For more information or to register for a free night time demonstration, stop at the NiteLites booth # 145 at the Cape Coral Fall Home Show.

NiteLites of Southwest Florida is an active member of the Collier Building Industry Association (www.cbia.net), the Lee Building Industry Association (www.bia.net), and the National Association of Home Builders (www.nahb.org).