NiteLites of Atlanta Low Voltage Lighting, experts for both residential and commercial outdoor lighting projects, is pleased to announce their participation in the Atlanta Garden and Patio Show.

The show, scheduled for February 7 – 10, will be held at the Cobb Galleria Centre. Hours for the show are:

  • Noon to 6:00 PM on Thursday
  • Noon to 8:00 PM on Friday
  • 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Saturday
  • Noon to 6:00 PM on Sunday

Admission to the show is $10.00 for adults; $3.00 for children 6 – 12; children 5 and younger are admitted free of charge. A special price of $5.00 is available for military personnel with an ID. Senior citizens (65 + with a valid ID) will be admitted free of charge. This year’s show features over 200 exhibitors displaying home improvement products, cooking ideas, and gardening tips. An addition to the show this year is a pet pavilion designed to showcase pet products, services, fashions, treats, and more.

While attending the show, stop at the NiteLites booth #1634 and let T. J. Pantano and his staff demonstrate the latest technology in architectural and landscape lighting fixtures and astrologic timers. Mr. Pantano will also show photos of homes and businesses illuminated using NiteLites’ custom lighting techniques.

Remedy for Winter Gloom

Winter is the time that it is dark when leaving the house, and dark when returning to the house. Winter is when cleaning or scraping the windshield becomes a daily possibility. Winter is when the warm glow of a fireplace is a welcome relief from the cold outdoors. Winter is when the singing of birds is replaced by silence. It’s no wonder that winter gloom sets in at this time of the year.

NiteLites of Atlanta Low Voltage Lighting offers a way to prevent winter gloom. An outdoor lighting system is the perfect remedy for the negative experience of arriving home in the dark. An outdoor lighting system can actually provide the homeowner with a warm welcome home. In the yard, the forms and features which were highlighted during the warm weather are still highlighted but create a different portrait. The oak tree that was featured for its full canopy of leaves is now featured as a sign of strength against the dark, cold nights. The stark winter landscape becomes an ever changing panorama of blowing leaves and drifting snow. Those things that are featured by an outdoor lighting system in the warm weather are still featured, but in a different manner. And, as in the warm weather, the lighting system provides the homeowner with both safety and security. Landscape lighting that illuminates a sidewalk identifies any obstacles (or slippery areas) for those who are navigating the walkway. By illuminating the home and landscape, prowlers and other uninvited guests are discouraged from being on the property. NiteLites offers a custom lighting system that will lift the winter gloom for any home and landscape. Consider that the high quality, specification grade fixtures are weather resistant and carry a limited lifetime warranty. Consider that the low voltage lighting offered by NiteLites is safer and less expensive to operate than line voltage lighting. Consider that low voltage lighting systems offer a broad array of lighting fixtures so that the right fixture can be used to create the perfect custom lighting effect. Consider that NiteLites low voltage lighting systems are expandable should the homeowner’s needs change. When one considers these facts, it is no wonder that winter gloom fades. NiteLites is an industry leader in the low voltage outdoor architecture and landscape lighting field, and specializes in both residential and commercial installations.

NiteLites has been in business since 1998, and offers complete, year around outdoor lighting service – from lighting design and then lighting installation, to a comprehensive maintenance plan, ensuring the ongoing enjoyment of its lighting systems. NiteLites sole business is outdoor lighting systems for residential and commercial properties. The NiteLites professional will set up a temporary installation on a prospect’s property to demonstrate the dramatic effect that a NiteLites system can have. NiteLites will then provide a written estimate for the complete installation. Once installed, the NiteLites professional will consult with the property owner to determine the final aiming of the individual lights. NiteLites of Atlanta Low Voltage Lighting also offers an industry leading warranty, and an on-going maintenance plan.