Architectural Lighting

NiteLites LED architectural lighting fixtures are used to emphasize the unique design elements of your yard, home, or professional building including:

  • entryway arches
  • columns
  • textured exteriors
  • structural features
  • statues
  • product displays
  • gazebos
  • sculptures
  • fountains
  • waterfalls
  • flagpoles
  • art exhibits

Adding architectural lighting to your property will enhance the depth and curb appeal. The glow in the evening will warm the coziest country home and provide the perfect highlights to a modern city home. Every texture and structure can be accentuated with the perfect fixture.

NiteLites brass and copper light fixture options include a wide variety of outdoor LEDs including flood and spot lights for trees and dormers, spread lights for walls and shrubs, and well lights for columns and architecture. Fire torches with both LEDs and lit flames are also available to add luxury to your pool area.

Landscape and architectural lighting which not only highlight the architectural features of a property, they also eliminate the dark spots that intruders could take advantage of to gain access to a home or business. Outdoor illumination helps eliminates areas blanketed in darkness, and owners may lower the chances of becoming a target for criminals.

We partner with landscape architects, landscape designers, architects, builders, property managers, and other construction and renovation specialists in many U.S. cities including: Atlanta,  Charleston,  Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Delaware, Ft. Myers, Greenville, Hilton HeadBluffton, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Lima, Maryland, Middle Tennessee, Nashville, Naples, Northern Kentucky, Ocean City, Sarasota, Savannah Spartanburg, St. Louis, and Toledo.

Our lighting designers provide detailed blueprints for outdoor architectural lighting projects including expansion plans when appropriate. The comprehensive outdoor lighting services include design, installation, repair, and retrofitting with electricity saving LEDs to light every property in elegant, artful glowing warmth.

Enhance the outdoor environment around your home with a professionally designed, installed, and maintained lighting system from NiteLites. Submit your outdoor lighting request, email us, or give us a call at 1-866-NiteLites for your FREE lighting consultation.