LED Landscape Lighting

NiteLites LED Lighting Systems are:

  • 75% more efficient than traditional systems
  • Durable – Resistant to heat, cold, and shock
  • Long Lifespan – LEDs last up to 40,000 hours
  • Sustainable – Environmentally friendly products
  • Clearly the LED modules are the best fit for commercial and residential projects

Meeting the Demand for Energy Efficient Lighting Systems with LED Landscape Lighting

From our first job to the present we have done everything to insure we have the finest systems available. To that end, after more than 5 years of extensive research and development we have launched the BEST LED appliances available anywhere. NiteLites line of professional grade LED lighting is comprised by the latest LED technology to ensure quality, endurance and reliability for our clientele.

Our specification grade, low voltage lighting systems align perfectly with the rapidly growing green and sustainable building demand. We designed our LED fixtures from the inside out. With LEDs heat management is everything, the chips will last 100,000 hours but it is the electronics that typically fail prior to 40,000 hours due to heat exposure inside the module. We use state of the art LED chips from CREE, Samsung, and LG.

Our LEDs are built around a heat sink in order to maximize lifespan.

Nearly every LED module is also IP67 rated, which means the LED appliance is waterproof, double protection when installed in a NiteLites fixture. For a LED appliance or light a life of 40,000 hours should be expected. Our LEDs also are an exact match on color when compared to a traditional halogen fixture.

We have every fixture in our collection available in an LED option. When installing and LED lighting system — Expect to invest about 30-50% more, and have a return on investment of around 4 years.

The real benefit is in the reduction of the carbon footprint. NiteLites LEDs reduce the power consumption by up to 75%, which benefits environment. Customer demand for LED lighting has grown rapidly over the past few years and NiteLites has listened. When working with a professional lighting designer, consider our LED options for optimal energy savings.