Low Voltage Lighting

NiteLites is an industry leader specializing in both home and business installations of high end exterior lighting. Our lighting designers use only low voltage systems with unparalleled light quality, the largest variety of lighting applications, minimal impact on the environment, and safety for all who use the space. Additionally, low voltage lighting systems are less expensive than line voltage systems, and cost substantially less to install and to operate.

Our highly trained, experienced personnel are equipped to provide a custom lighting design that complements any client’s property. NiteLites outdoor lighting systems are available for architectural lighting, landscape and garden, decks and marinas, pathway lighting and step lighting, as well as submersible lighting for fountains, pools, and ponds.

With an unprecedented industrial quality systems provide energy-efficient outdoor lighting for commercial projects such as senior retirement centers, hotels, restaurants, resorts, clubhouses, subdivision entrances, municipalities, public facilities, parks, marinas, warehouses, educational facilities, retail businesses, apartments, town homes, and condominiums.

NiteLites continually strives to elevate the standards of quality, safety, and professionalism in the industry. Our products provide the latest cutting edge technology, as well as a solid history of providing world class service to each of our clients.

NiteLites high quality, specification grade products are made of acid-etched copper and brass. Without paint, there is no cracking or peeling of the finishes, which have to endure the elements of the outdoors. The quality of the products NiteLites uses allows us to offer an industry best warranty for both our commercial and residential clients.

We offer a free outdoor illumination consultation so you can see exactly how the features of your home can be accentuated with NiteLites. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay. There are NO SURPRISES with NiteLites.

Enhance the outdoor environment around your home with a professionally designed, installed, and maintained lighting system from NiteLites. Submit your outdoor lighting request, email us, or give us a call at 1-866-NiteLites for your FREE lighting consultation today!