Retrofit with LEDs

As outdoor lighting has grown in demand over the past two decades, NiteLites has installed the best quality low voltage, lighting systems backed with a limited lifetime warranty to meet their needs.

As technology progresses and more options become available to invest in the cleanliness of our planet we have continued to grow and offer the best technology to our clients. Now, our entire line of solid brass and copper landscape lighting can be retrofit with LEDs.

Our specification grade, low voltage lighting systems can now be upgraded to align perfectly with the rapidly growing green and sustainable building demand. We designed our LED light fixtures from the inside out.

With LEDs, heat management is everything. The chips will last 100,000 hours but it is the electronics that typically fail prior to 40,000 hours due to heat exposure inside the module. Our LEDs are built around a heat sink in order to maximize lifespan. Our LED products are designed around the LED chip, custom fit for maximum cooling and assured long life. We utilize the most reliable LED chips commercially available including CREE, LG Electronics, and Samsung.

Nearly every LED module is also IP67 rated, which means the LED appliance is waterproof, double protection when installed in a NiteLites fixture. For a LED appliance or light a life of 40,000 hours should be expected. One of the top comments from our clients was the concern about color. LEDs do not have to be bright white. NiteLites LEDs are an exact match on color when compared to traditional halogen systems.

Enhanced Lighting Quality

Our LED landscape lighting fixtures are tested to the highest standards available. The latest NiteLites technologies add increased reliability to the lighting system so fewer short-term lighting quality issues arise. Our LEDs have better lighting quality characteristics including: improved color, reduced flicker, and greater light output.

NiteLites has spent a significant amount of effort in finding the most effective LED lighting solutions for your next landscape lighting project. We are committed to studying and monitoring the current state of LED technology and applying it in the most logical and economical capacities.

NiteLites LED Chip

While there are many LED products out there, very few are designed to operate in the harsh outdoor conditions. NiteLites LED products are designed to have IP67 or higher ratings, assuring they will operate in any environment. NiteLites only incorporates LEDs that have passed our thorough and rigorous testing. We design our LEDs to be highly energy efficient, while improving performance and quality. More technical information about our LED drivers and LED lighting configurations is available by calling our Commercial Division at 1-866-NiteLites.

LEED Certified

LED lighting systems are a crucial component to any business or organization seeking LEED certification. While no single product can certify a building as “Green”, NiteLites LED outdoor lighting fixtures offer tremendous advantages that may help contribute “LEED Points” toward your LEED certified projects. LED products are playing an important part in energy consumption globally. Whether a LEED project or not, our LED products are environmentally responsible.

Incorporate our LED products into your lighting solutions and take advantage of the strengths of LED lighting, while minimizing further expenses. NiteLites assures you of the highest quality and promises to keep bringing the latest technology as it develops.

Click here for a free download of our LED Landscape Lighting Brochure.