NiteLites of Jacksonville Outdoor Museum Lighting will be providing low voltage lighting for The Olmstead Garden Restoration and Landscape Enhancement Project at The Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida. This project will not only restore the Olmsted Garden, but also restore the Riverside Avenue portion of The Cummer Museum campus. During construction, the Museum’s parking lots will be refurbished and the entire campus will be unified by landscape. NiteLites of Jacksonville LED Lights will install lighting throughout the project to enhance landscape and architecture, as well as providing illumination to the Cummer Museum parking lot. In addition, new signage will be constructed around the property, which will also be lit by NiteLites. Other notable contributors to the project are Richard Skinner and Associates Architecture and Sunscapes Landscape Design.

The Cummer Museum will see the benefits of a NiteLites low voltage lighting system. NiteLites has revolutionized energy efficient outdoor lighting with old world craftsmanship and cutting edge technology. The Jacksonville landscape lighting company designs, installs and services lighting for new and existing lighting systems. NiteLites LED landscape lighting creates breathtaking curb appeal, enhances safety, diminishes liability, expands outdoor space, and enhances aesthetics and productivity all while cutting costs and contributing to the green building effort. NiteLites of Jacksonville provides efficient lighting systems using less power while simultaneously creating superior lighting applications.

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