Growing Popularity of Commercial LEDs in Naples

NiteLites of Naples is growing as the demand for Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs continues to expand. The NiteLites outdoor LEDs boast overwhelming popular energy efficiency, low cost, and a long life. The LED applications seem limitless including the preferable option with outdoor lighting. With the range of colors, warmth, focus, and brightness the lighting options seem almost limitless.

A remarkable development is the ability to bend light in a desired direction rather than having the light spread in all directions. This feature is widely used in LED televisions, and digital advertising displays on screens.  Technology enables white LED light to be soft warm or stark bright white depending on the specifications of the project. Setting the correct combination of red, green, and blue light emitting diodes creates the desired affect. Also attractive are the endless colors and color combinations available by changing the frequency of each diode on a panel.

Magic of the LED Science

LEDs release less energy as heat than halogen, incandescent and fluorescent light sources. The innovative heat-sink technology allows the dispersion of heat. This allows the LED modules to expel the heat. Less heat means less wear and tear on the lamp, the fixture, and the environment. The lower operating temperature gives outdoor LEDs a much longer life span because of this protective design against heat damage. LEDs comparatively cooler temperatures are therefore unlikely to disintegrate from high temperatures.  In the heat of Florida summers this managed heat is critical to the integrity of the industry grade copper and brass light fixtures. This protects the lighting industry trifecta of the lamp, the lens, and the fixtures. Because of their exceptional endurance, LEDs spend more time functioning in their light fixture and add less to our landfill wastes that helps to save all of us.

LED lamps are now used on large scale because of their unique compact size, bright illumination, quality light beam, ease of maintenance, and the ability to focus the light in a single direction instead of having it go every which way. With many other powerful advantages, they are a promising product that is widely used by commercial and house-hold consumers. Because of the design and wide application including a massive retrofit market, the future of outdoor LEDs is very bright.

The outdoor use of LEDs is now being widely supported on commercial and industrial level. Industrial outdoor LEDs are broadly used parking lots, parking garages, gas station canopy lights, billboards, huge digital screens, shopping malls, and even in runway airport lighting.

Outdoor Industrial Grade LEDs

Benefits of Commercial Out-door LEDs

Commercial users of outdoor lights such as professional property owners use creative lighting for drawing attention to their properties. This action is referred to as landscape lighting and with incandescent or CFL lights the energy costs can be substantial. Currently, businesses such as eateries, museums, theme parks, etc., have moved their attention towards the use of commercial outdoor LEDs to save both energy and the costs of landscape lighting.

However, professional property owners and managers do not necessarily use LEDs to only draw attention to their landscape, but also use outdoor lighting for safety purposes. Safety illumination is a concept for lighting dark premises of a building or a property to avoid threats such as robbery, intruders, and obstacles lying in the path. An appropriate use of LED lighting can also compose a beautiful nighttime scene on a property, meanwhile giving a warm and welcome appeal to onlookers.

The hospitality industry often uses elaborate outdoor light-work to suggest elegance and ambience of their interior. Custom bollards with artfully designed logos for brand recognition look sophisticated and are effective. A look at the exterior of an eatery or lodging will give away most of the information about the inner décor of the place. A well illuminated business strategically differentiates between a fast-food joint and a decent restaurant, whereas resorts and hotels commonly use outdoor lighting to highlight the surrounding area for security, and also to reflect a warm and welcoming glow for visitors who are exploring their options from just acceptable to an extravagant vacation experience.

With recent growth in concerns about global warming and an alarming decrease in energy resources, international interest groups and governments have focused their attention towards efficient and cost-saving utilization of energy. The heat transmitted from incandescent or fluorescent lights, altogether, is a serious concern when paired with the extent of rising temperatures owing to global warming. Globally, governments are focused on the smart investment of commercial out-door LEDs for state owned structures or national properties such as play grounds, official buildings, street lights, parks, and other common areas. Incentives and rebates for municipalities, businesses, and homeowners going green are also available from power companies.

It is safe to say that the concept of commercial outdoor LEDs is not restricted to recreational spaces only, but also expands to public buildings such as hospitals, senior retirement centers, educational institutions, shopping plazas, and many other organizations that aim at creating awareness of their presence in a particular locality. Outdoor LEDs hold benefits for HOAs, multi-family townhomes and condos by using effective commercial out-door LED lighting. Being part of HOAs and townhomes may demand a hefty sum for maintenance bills for the common areas such as entryway lighting systems. However this can be reduced with the use of LEDs to illuminate the entire housing complex, at lower costs. City planners, architects, luxury home developers, and other commercial property developers partner with commercial outdoor lighting businesses like NiteLites of Naples. They work together to meet the challenges of providing specification grade outdoor lighting fixtures which are both energy efficient and reliable.

LEDs are a major milestone in achieving energy efficient goals to a better and safer world in the long run.

All of our lighting fixtures are fitted with reliable LED lamps. Detailed schematic lighting plans are used to carefully plan each commercial project. Upgrading to state of the art with LED retrofit programs and replacing old line voltage lights is a large sector of our commercial business.