The Dark Sky Association states that over two billion dollars are wasted on inefficient lighting every year. Improper lighting not only obstructs our view of the cosmos, but also disrupts the migratory patterns of many birds. A number of birds, mostly songbirds, migrate at night, using the moon and stars to navigate. Every year, thousands of bird deaths are attributed to light pollution. Outdoor lighting fixtures by NiteLites of Atlanta Security Lighting are designed and Dark Sky Certified to put light only where it is needed.

A NiteLites spot light for tree lighting will have a shroud to guide the light. A NiteLites path light will have a hat to gently illuminate only the needed areas. NiteLites deck lights only place the light on the essential outdoor living spaces. Not only do NiteLites of Atlanta Security Lighting energy efficient LEDs help the environment with low energy consumption, they also provide safe passage for our friends in the sky with environmentally friendly, dark sky approved lighting.

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