The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recently conducted a survey on residential outdoor living space trends for 2010 and interest in outdoor lighting rallied to a 93.4%. The results reflect the effects of and lessons learned from the recession. Homeowners are now thinking twice before purchasing expensive frills, such as outdoor stereos and televisions and focusing on the essentials, including weatherized outdoor furniture and backyard landscape lighting from professionals like us here at NiteLites of Charleston Outdoor Lights. The results of this survey are as follows:

  • Seating/dining areas – 95.6%
  • Grills – 94.4%
  • Fire pits/fireplace – 94%
  • Outdoor Lighting – 93.4%
  • Installed seating (benches, seat walls, ledges, steps, boulders) – 90.6%
  • Weatherized outdoor furniture – 77.1%
  • Counter space – 73.5%
  • Utility storage – 66.7%
  • Stereo systems – 57.2%
  • Refrigerators – 52.8%
  • Sinks – 50.0%
  • Wireless/Internet connectivity – 44.1%
  • Outdoor heaters – 43.8%
  • Showers/bathing – 36.5%
  • Outdoor cooling systems (including fans) – 36.5%
  • Televisions/projection screens – 35.6%
  • Bedrooms/sleeping spaces – 5.6%

Proper lighting can truly define a backyard patio or deck area, ensuring the luxury of expanded relaxation and entertainment areas for homeowners. Deck lighting is an economical way to transform a home, turning any backyard into a genuine outdoor living space. The enjoyment of a deck or patio space will no longer only be for daytime and early evening hours.

With the additional of NiteLites of Charleston outdoor LEDs or their specification grade low voltage lighting system, social functions or gatherings can extend well into the night. If homeowners prefer a relaxing night of stargazing on a spring or autumn evening, this type of illumination provides the perfect ambiance. Deck and patio lighting is also a necessity for Jacuzzi or hot tub owners wanting to take full advantage of their investments. These delights will no longer be confined to daylight hours.

NiteLites of Charleston Outdoor Lights holds memberships with both ASLA ( and the International Dark Sky Association. ASLA’s mission is to “lead, to educate, and to participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of cultural and natural environments.” IDA works with landscape architects and outdoor lighting contractors in Charleston and around the world to improve better lighting practices.