NiteLites of Columbus Landscape Lighting is pleased to announce Dorjan Clay as the new general manager in charge of franchise operations at this Central Ohio location. Mr. Clay brings over a decade of experience as a cable and network contractor. In addition to his technical experience, Dorjan’s outgoing and infectious personality will put clients at ease that they are in good hands.

When not running this Columbus outdoor lighting franchise, Mr. Clay spends time with his wife and five children. Dorjan enjoys playing and coaching basketball. Not only does he play in area recreational leagues, he also coaches youth leagues.

NiteLites of Columbus Landscape Lighting welcomes Mr. Clay aboard this design-build outdoor lighting franchise. Dorjan will work diligently to keep current and future clients happy with expandable outdoor lighting systems. NiteLites landscape lighting systems offer many benefits for home lighting and commercial lighting. These benefits include added curb appeal, increased property value, better safety and security, and lower energy costs. Each and every NiteLites lighting system is specially designed to meet the unique needs of the individual property. Expertly talented outdoor lighting designers will utilize architectural lighting, landscape lighting, path lighting, deck lighting, fountain lighting, paver lighting, and more to put together an optimal lighting plan. These systems are installed with energy saving LED lamps to cut maintenance costs to nearly nothing, and minimize the production of greenhouse gases. They can even install systems with no direct access to electricity with solar landscape lighting panels. Solar lighting systems utilize NiteLites brand fixtures using the power of the sun.  NiteLites can also provide lighting automation to optimize the performance of the light system.