NiteLites of Delaware Security Lighting will be giving back to the Delaware Valley community by sponsoring the JCC Blue Jeans Ball. In addition to professionally designed outdoor lighting systems, this Delaware lighting franchise also provides the best in security lighting. Two very important qualities of an outdoor lighting system by NiteLites, are safety and security. Placing an adequate amount of light fixtures around highly trafficked areas can ensure the safety of residents and guests as they travel the property. Lighting applications such as path lights, paver lights, dock lights, deck lights, and landscape lighting can provide this benefit. Not only does an outdoor lighting system provide safety, but also security by deterring criminals. There are over 8,000 home invasions every day. Half of those invasions involve the use of a weapon. NiteLites of Delaware Security Lighting can place lights around the perimeter of the property, and eliminate darks spots to enhance security.

The Blue Jeans Ball take place at the Siegel Jewish Community Center in Wilmington, DE. Tickets to this November 23rd event are $36.00. Attendees can expect food, drinks, dancing, and many great give-a-ways.

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