Sarasota Commercial lighting professionals, NiteLites of Sarasota recently received the Silver Sales Award and the President’s Club Award at the NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Conference held in Nashville, TN. The annual conference involved outdoor lighting franchisees from all over the United States with growth as a goal for this national franchise business.

NiteLites Outdoor Lighting’s popularity has grown with its commercial partners, landscape architects, landscape designers, and luxury pool designers due to their expertise in outdoor lighting design; reliable acid etched copper and brass LED light fixtures, and the maintenance of their lighting systems. This outdoor lighting business saves companies time and money by simplifying the proposal development process, providing solutions for long term objectives such as energy code compliance, reduced maintenance and replacement costs, and light pollution control solutions. When all of these components come together into a lighting design project equation, the outcome promises to be an outdoor lighting system designed and manufactured to maximize aesthetics while minimizing energy costs.

Further driving this growth in commercial outdoor lighting, this national outdoor lighting franchise, offers LED lighting options for business owners with a wide variety of benefits, including: increased safety and security, environmentally friendly applications, long – run energy savings, durability and long lifespan, improved color and reduction of flicker. NiteLites has incorporated LEDs that have passed thorough and rigorous testing. They have designed their LEDs to be energy efficient as well as improving their performance and quality to exceed their clients’ expectations.