NiteLites Outdoor Lights Franchise wraps up successful National LED conference at Charleston, South Carolina.

Started in 1992, NiteLites National Landscape Lighting Franchise has provided the highest quality outdoor lighting fixtures in the industry. This outdoor lights franchise continues to expand with franchise locations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Texas. Each franchise provides outdoor lighting design with energy efficient yet commercial quality outdoor LED fixtures.

The NiteLites conference is a biennial event where each NiteLites outdoor lighting business meets to discuss the past, present and future of the outdoor lighting industry. This experience enriches the company with its sharing of knowledge and advancements in technology within the field of outdoor lighting. This year’s focus included the latest outdoor LED lights for retrofitting commercial and industrial outdoor lighting systems. The systems provide outdoor security lighting for homes and businesses. The networking at this event is an invaluable way for franchisees to learn additional skills of the trade. This year’s conference was held in the historical district of downtown Charleston. The architecture and beauty of this historic city was the perfect backdrop for the hosting of the NiteLites conference. Randy Greenhill, the owner of the NiteLites franchise in Charleston, graciously shepherded everyone around after meeting events to show off the city where he lives.

Each conference, awards are given out for the franchises that accomplish merits within specified criteria. Highlights of the conference awards are as follows:

Outdoor Lighting Awards For 2013:

  • Silver Award: Charleston, Indianapolis, Naples and Nashville
  • Gold Award: Dayton
  • Diamond Award: Jacksonville
  • National Sales Leader Award: Jacksonville
  • Presidents Club Award: Charleston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Lima/Toledo, Naples/Fort Myers and Nashville

Outdoor Lighting Awards For 2014:

  • Silver Award: Atlanta, Charleston, Delaware, Houston, Indianapolis, Kansas City and Nashville.
  • Gold Award: Dayton and Naples
  • Diamond Award: Jacksonville (3 years in a row!)
  • National Sales Leader Award: Jacksonville
  • Presidents Club Award: Atlanta, Delaware, Houston, Kansas City, Lima and Naples.

NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Franchises are the most renowned and reliable name in the outdoor lighting industry. The proven NiteLites business model is designed to help attain professional, personal and financial goals. Their commercial clients range from landscape architects, high-end home builders, contractors, property managers, HOAs, landscape designers, and luxury pool designers. Their commitment to providing the best service paired with he best outdoor lighting fixtures and lighting accessories with reliable maintenance for the entire life of outdoor lighting systems.

NiteLites outdoor lighting business franchises are available in US cities including: Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Fort Worth, Phoenix, San Antonio, Memphis, Boston, New Orleans, Miami, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Louisville, Pittsburgh, St Pete, Tampa, Orlando, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, Seattle, Hartford, Tucson, Denver, Lexington and San Jose.

For more information on NiteLites National Franchise Systems, call 1-866-648-3548 or submit the Franchise Information Request Form online.