We are excited to announce our new focus on Outdoor LED modules for our entire line of outdoor light fixtures.

Tom Frederick, CEO and President, explains our move to light fixtures primarily powered by outdoor LED modules: “There are many great benefits to using NiteLites LED modules instead of the standard halogen lamps. LEDs have an extremely long lifespan of 30,000 – 40,000 hours. The energy is not wasted and light only goes where it is needed. Not only do NiteLites LED modules save money on energy costs, but they also cut costs on bulb replacement, maintenance, and service costs. Also, consider that NiteLites LEDs are the most environmentally responsible lighting technology. Along with containing no hazardous material, NiteLites LEDs use less energy and produce fewer greenhouse gases. In addition to these great qualities, energy-saving LEDs are cool enough to touch and do not attract insects due to the absence of ultraviolet rays.”

LED lights are 75% more efficient than traditional systems. NiteLites LEDs in particular are double protected because they are built around a heat sink to maximize lifespan and nearly every module is IP67 rated, which means the appliance is waterproof as well. LED lights do not have to be the bright white color you may think of – they are available in color match for your personal preferences.

Outdoor LED modules