Homes Showcased with Outdoor Lights from Union, Kentucky Lighting Business NiteLites

  • On October 10, 2016
  NiteLites of Union, Kentucky Lighting Business boosts curb appeal, security and safety to enhance home sales by enticing home buyers.   Outdoor lighting actually extends living spaces physically as well as visually. Contemporary outdoor LED lighting systems are also a smart investment when thinking of ways to add value to your home as a […]
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The Power of LEDs: Atlanta Outdoor LED Lighting Company Explains Why Green Technology is Saving America So Much Money

  • On June 24, 2015
NiteLites of Atlanta Outdoor LED Lighting shares the billion dollar saving powers of LED technology and how you can benefit from them. Everywhere you look today, you see the LED market overtaking their lesser counterparts in virtually all dimensions and products. LEDs are going into streetlights and saving cities thousands of dollars. They go into […]
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