NiteLites Engineers and Manufactures Coastal Outdoor Light Fixtures for Harsh Salt Water Environments

  Coastal Outdoor Light Fixtures by NiteLites Outdoor Lights are engineered and manufactured to withstand harsh salty ocean air. Living by the ocean is a dream come true for some fortunate people. Unfortunately, salt water brings corrosive mist to everything made of metal – from boats to cars and even outdoor lighting fixtures. Nautical, marina, […]

Naples, FL

Benefits of Adding Lighting to Outdoor Water Features

Our Pennsylvania contractors are masters at the art of submersible lighting to enhance outdoor water features. Perhaps the only thing more relaxing than gazing at a beautiful water feature is seeing one masterfully illuminated. The mesmerizing effect of a lovely waterfall or fountain that is well lit with remarkable outdoor LED lighting fixtures is incredibly […]

West Chester, PA

The Importance of Community Involvement

NiteLites of Houston is involved in a lot of community affairs and our contractors share why it is important to local businesses everywhere. Rob Greening, the owner of NiteLites of Houston, knows the importance of his community for his local business. Companies that are involved in their communities establish their brand with a face and […]

Houston, TX