The Benefits of Professionally Installed Outdoor String Lights

Create a festive ambiance for your outdoor living areas, patios, decks, and home and business exteriors. The use of LED string lighting has been one of the most popular lighting solutions because they offer many benefits to homes and businesses. There was a time when people used to wait for a special occasion or event […]

Kansas City, MO

Top Benefits of Illuminating Commercial Properties

Many commercial property and business owners understand the overall importance of outdoor lighting. Not only for the security of the property, but also for the safety of employees and customers alike. Here are a couple things to be aware of when considering outdoor lighting. First, when it comes to outdoor lighting of a property, less […]

Jacksonville, FL

Breaking Down the Process of an Outdoor Lighting Installation

Whether you have DIY outdoor lighting experience or have no experience at all, NiteLites of Charleston Landscape Lights breaks down the whole process of what you should expect from a professionally installed outdoor lighting system by NiteLites. The process is actually quite easy and the consultation from NiteLites is free of charge. Starts with a meeting […]

Charleston, SC