NiteLites Engineers and Manufactures Coastal Outdoor Light Fixtures for Harsh Salt Water Environments

  Coastal Outdoor Light Fixtures by NiteLites Outdoor Lights are engineered and manufactured to withstand harsh salty ocean air. Living by the ocean is a dream come true for some fortunate people. Unfortunately, saltwater brings corrosive mist to everything made of metal – from boats to cars and even outdoor lighting fixtures. Nautical, marina, and […]

Naples, FL

Announcing New NiteLites of Savannah Outdoor Lighting Franchise in Savannah, Georgia

As an industry leader in the outdoor LED lighting franchise business, we are excited to open our newest franchise in Savannah, Georgia. NiteLites of Savannah Outdoor Lighting Owner Robbie Eastland and his team of outdoor lighting contractors and trained service technicians are working with businesses and homeowners who need commercial grade outdoor lights as well […]

Savannah, GA