NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor LED Lighting shares the latest in heat sink technology.

It is widely known that the trick to creating a long-lasting LED is heat management. Electronics both large and small would all fail if the heat they produced weren’t properly maintained. A high heat load can have a very negative effect on an LED. Lumen depreciation over the life of the LED and even color change can occur in an LED who does not have the proper heat management in place. It wasn’t until the introduction of heat sinks that LEDs really found their potential. A heat sink is a passive heat exchanger that transfers whatever heat is produced by an electronic device to another source in order to cool the electronics to maintain optimal functioning temperatures.

While early models provided the proper heat sink, they were overly heavy and were expensive to ship. After a decade of engineering and a wave of lighter and sleeker fixture forms were manufactured. In addition, the high-quality LEDs you see today were created. Many modern heat sinks utilize features like fins, often in a pattern or grid layout. As time progresses, heat sink technology has become lighter and easier to construct.

Indianapolis Outdoor LED Lighting Company, NiteLites, paves the way of the future of even better LEDs. Using groundbreaking technology, they have developed ways to maximize heat sink technology for their landscape LEDs. The NiteLites LEDs are optimized to provide commercial lighting projects and homeowners the best quality LEDs with a warm soft glow and consistent color.

Big retail stores sell outdoor lights just like outdoor lighting contractors do. The big difference is what they are made of. Big box stores have lighting fixtures made of aluminum and other weak alloy metals. Although these fixtures are cheap to manufacture and can come off of the shelf in pretty boxes they are not designed for the long term. These cheaply made fixtures also have very little heat sink technology built into them, so no matter what LED you put into them, it will overheat and cut the life of the LED short. Although the big box stores may have great prices on their fixtures, much of the LED inventory may only last a season or two before they must be repurchased and reinstalled.

NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor Lights not only offers the best landscape LEDs, they also take pride in their solid brass and copper fixtures. These fixtures not only stand up to the elements of weather, but they also come with a lifetime guarantee. Working with high-end builders to everyday homeowners, NiteLites provides the best value in the outdoor lighting industry.