NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor Lighting would like to ensure the safety of all homeowners and trick or treaters this Halloween. This checklist will assist in all of the “ghoulish” preparations for brightening up a home.

Test all outdoor lighting:
Take a few minutes to make sure all outdoor lighting is in working order. Now is the time to contact the local NiteLites Landscape Lighting Professionals to replace any bulbs that might have burned out. Turning on lights inside the home will also assist in illuminating the pathways up to the front door. If setting up temporary decorative bag or Jack O’ Lantern lighting along a pathway or driveway, use outdoor LED string lights instead of tea light candles.

Create a Safe Walkway:
Make sure the walkway from the street to the front door is clear of anything that may cause a child to trip or fall, including newly fallen branches and leaves. Wet leaves can also be slippery, so property owners should try and keep pathways clear of debris. Pumpkins can be hard for little ones to maneuver around, so be sure to place them where they can be seen but not tripped over.

Keep pets inside:
With the amount of new people, including small children, visiting a home in one night, the excitement might be a bit too much for pets. It is best to keep them indoors so they do not frighten the trick or treaters or cause an unnecessary accident.

Make sure the home is spooky yet inviting:
Decorate the driveway and front entryway for Halloween. It is a good idea to sweep the front porch and remove any dead insects and cobwebs that have settled on the door frame and light fixtures. Replacing them with their plastic counterparts will, however, help to set the mood of the evening. Real broomsticks or shovels may be a potential safety hazard. Instead of these potentially dangerous or sharp metal decorations, use plastic alternatives; they will not detract from the spookiness of the setup.

Don’t Run Out of Treats!
The best part of Halloween is the candy or treats that are collected. One widely used tip is for homeowners to purchase Halloween candy that they personally do not like, so that they will not be tempted to snack before the holiday. If passing out candy to youngsters is a worry, many retailers offer a variety of substitutes, such as pretzel packets, “On the Go” cereal pouches, fruit snacks, and fish shaped crackers. Most of these choices are also great alternatives for children with peanut or dairy allergies.

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