ndy Security Lights Company, NiteLites, on how excellent customer service can work against a local outdoor lighting business.

Mykal Minor, owner of NiteLites of Indianapolis, provides exceptional customer service to his local market. With 29 “A” ratings on Angie’s List, there is no denying the NiteLites brand has made a positive impact on customers. The “above and beyond” service he provides is due to his love of the client base and pride in the work he does. With satisfied customers all over the Indianapolis area, Mykal explains how clients become almost married to his business through repeated service year after year. Bringing the same reliable operation every year allows his client base to continuously enjoy their outdoor lights while never being left in the dark by their lighting company.

Being the lighting gurus that they are, NiteLites has been well served by the client’s confidence in all things outdoor lighting. The huge drawback to this reputation of great service is the vast amount of phone calls coming in for things they don’t sell or can’t make a profit on. Things such as:

  • Fixing timers or transformer issues of cheaper competitor’s systems.
  • Replacing low rate big box store LEDs.
  • Repairing wiring cuts by gardeners/landscapers.
  • Resetting timers again and again over the phone or at the residence after the homeowner tries to play with the settings themselves.
  • Overheating issues caused by fixtures being covered in mulch.

Responding quicker than other companies does not mean that they can fix your “Non NiteLites” outdoor lighting problems. The majority of these issues can be solved with little struggle, but combine 15-20 calls a day and it becomes a little more difficult to tackle. As a company who is more than happy to rectify its own issues, they more often times than not end up fixing the majority of their competitors’ systems in the process. Mr. Minor knows it just comes with the territory and that, in the long run, his business will be more appreciated than landscapers who install lights or bargain lighting companies. The joy of running a local business that you really put yourself into; is that people will notice and your business will thrive because of your reputation.

NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor Lights serves the great Indianapolis area with commercial and residential outdoor lighting systems. Indy Security Lights matched with high-quality LEDs create beautiful and safe homes. Path lighting, wash lighting, water feature lighting, deck lighting, pool area lighting, down lighting and moonlighting are all used in a cohesive design to make the biggest impression.