Our Kansas City location brings the best in outdoor lighting at Johnson County Home and Garden Show.

They will provide wonderful tips to help create the perfect garden and how to increase the curb appeal of your entire property. The show will feature experts in home décor, landscaping, gardening, remodeling accompanied by entertainment on stage to excite and inform you. The show is February 20th, 21st and 22nd at the Overland Park Convention Center at 6000 College Blvd, Overland Park. Hours are Friday and Saturday from 10am-9pm and on Sunday from 10am-6pm. Tickets are $8 online and $10 at the box office with children 12 and under getting in free.

Imagine the perfect garden in your yard. What colors and textures do you see? How will your garden look at all times of the day and night? How can a dream garden become a reality? These simple steps can take you in the right direction.

  • Clean up your landscape by removing anything that doesn’t make your property look as stunning as possible. Trimming the foliage and removing clutter will allow the image of your home to breathe.
  • Wash the siding and the exterior details of your home and if necessary, add a fresh coat of paint to reawaken your color scheme. This will better accent your home garden.
  • The addition of textured stones and brick into the layout of your garden can increase intrigue and contrast to the overall composition of your garden.
  • Adding little oriental trees can create focal points and make the garden feel more inviting.
  • Additional elements such as statues and fountains can form little magical moments, creating more interesting aspects for your garden.
  • Outdoor lighting adds the perfect accents to all the beauty you have created with your garden. This will also boost the security and safety of your property. Not to mention this will allow your garden to look just as beautiful in the dark as it does during the day.

Here at NiteLites, our outdoor lighting systems feature low voltage lighting, energy saving LEDs and specification grade light fixtures that are extremely reliable and durable. Our contractors provide comprehensive landscape lighting services: design and installation of new lighting systems, updating broken and neglected systems, repairing outdoor lighting systems, retrofitting with LEDs, expanding existing systems and maintaining systems for years to come. Our locations are perfect for servicing gardens and outdoor living areas. The right exterior lighting boosts curb appeal and greatly increases the safety and security of your home.

Our Kansas location has maintained professional memberships with the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and Illumination engineering society.