Kansas City Outdoor Lights

The group responsible for the Showhouse is a non-profit organization called the Kansas City Symphony Alliance. The goal behind this not-for-profit group is promoting classical music in the Kansas City area. The 46th Symphony Designers’ Showhouse will open Mother’s Day weekend from May 9th through June 7th at 96 Janssen Place, Historic Hyde Park, Kansas City, Missouri. The Showhouse will be adorned with the most stunning architectural and landscape lighting by our very own lighting designers here at NiteLites of Kansas City Outdoor Lights.

Our NiteLites of Kansas City Outdoor Lights location has professional lighting contractors that install high-quality brass and copper outdoor light fixtures. Outdoor lighting is not only great for your home, but also for businesses. Beautifying your home or business with outdoor lights is a great advantage but outdoor illumination also serves to increase the safety and security of the property. Path lights, deck lights, and paver lights serve to illuminate walking areas to help avoid accidents. Spotlights and spread lights serve to bring light into the dark areas of your property making it less likely for your home or business to be an easy target for burglars.

The advancements in outdoor lighting have come very fast in the last ten years. Energy Saving LEDs are replacing halogen bulbs that do more to produce heat than light. Old halogen systems can be easily retrofit with LEDs to help save money in the short and long term. Outdoor living and luxury items are trending in the growing economy and it is changing the way we think about home renovation. Outdoor kitchens provide the perfect atmosphere for alfresco dining and enjoying the company of family and friends. Outdoor LED lights provide the same warm rich radiance of halogen bulbs but live up to 40,000 hours.