NiteLites of Nashville Outdoor Lighting Business takes their home automation talents to the HBAMT Home Show.

NiteLites of Nashville Landscape Lighting will be exhibiting their best outdoor lighting automation products and services at the HBAMT (Home Builders Association of Middle Tennessee) Home Show the weekend of February 20th, 21st and 22nd. Home automation is a trending priority for homeowners due to the overall convenience that it offers. It allows homeowners to not have to worry about when your outdoor lighting will illuminate your property or when your security system will set. Home automation isn’t simply a thing of the future; it is a demand in the present for cutting edge technology. Home building professionals at the HBAMT Home Show will feature the best products for home automation such as security systems, video cameras, thermostats, indoor/outdoor lighting, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, garage doors, automated appliances and much more. Home automation systems are so easy to use that they are controlled by personal devices like computers, tablets, and even smart phones.

This event has been an annual tradition for over forty years. The show offers a wide range of activities including exhibits, helpful demonstrations and in depth seminars to inform on home improvement. This event is a great opportunity for allowing exhibitors to showcase their newest technologies and services. The home show boasts a wide of range of products. Consumers will receive valuable insight and information on the latest trends. The event covers everything from indoor electronics to outdoor gardening products, with something for every area of remodeling. There will be a new seminar running each hour. The informative sessions will cover topics from gardening and painting to LED technology with great insight on nearly any home improvement project.

The HBAMT Home Show will be held at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds.

Hours & Dates Cost of Admission 
Fri., February 20th9:00 am – 8:00 pmAdults…………………….$10
Sat., February 21st9:00 am – 8:00 pmChildren 12 & under…….Free
Sun., February 22nd10:00 am – 5:00 pm  

NiteLites of Nashville Outdoor Lighting will display the highest quality professional landscaping lighting with top of the line automation using energy saving astronomical timers. The future is now when it comes to custom outdoor lighting technology. With NiteLites outdoor lighting automation, operating a system could not be easier. By simply setting an astronomical timer, lighting can come on, turn off and adjust to the needed illumination without lifting a finger. Photocells can also be used by automatically adjusting to the sunrise and sunset; saving electricity and money.

NiteLites of Nashville Outdoor Lights will also talk about every step of the illumination process. The name of the game is customer service and the Nashville team will be ready to answer all questions, providing key insight on LED outdoor lighting. With the right exterior lighting, any home or business can be brought to life. A NiteLites lighting system displays the beauty of landscape and architecture for any home or business. The addition of lighting also promotes increased safety, while providing an unforgettable look.