NiteLites of Jacksonville outdoor lighting contractors work with NEFBA member general contractors, architects, builders, and landscape designers throughout the Jacksonville area. This Jacksonville lighting business offers lighting design, lighting installation, and lighting maintenance and repairs. One of NiteLites most popular design build services is the retrofitting of outdoor light systems with LEDs. The NiteLites LEDs save electricity and eco-friendly because they last so much longer than solar, incandescent, halogen, mercury vapor, and even fluorescents light bulbs. The outdoor LEDs used by NiteLites were carefully designed for high quality light beam, energy efficiency, longevity, and overall reliability.

The NiteLites of Jacksonville LED lighting specialists are very active in the Jacksonville community. Their Director of Sales and Marketing, Paul Davison, has just been elected to the board of directors of the Northeast Florida Builders Association. Originally from England, Mr. Davison studied at University of Gloucestershire but now lives in Amelia which he said he “considers paradise.” According to the owner of NiteLites of Jacksonville Outdoor Lighting, Trevor Rosendahl, “Paul is talented, hard working, and a critical part of the business success of our Jacksonville lighting business. And really, he is kind of a local celebrity. It seems like everyone knows him. I am pleased that he was elected to the board of the NEFBA because I know it means a lot to him.”

One of the first events that the NEFBA and NiteLites of Jacksonville outdoor landscape lighting have organized is their monthly volunteer work with The Salvation Army. Mr. Davison and many other members of the NEFBA give a helping hand to the less fortunate every second Wednesday of the month at The Salvation Army soup kitchen. Mr. Davison said that he considers the time he spends volunteering both enriching and a privilege. He also added that he encourages others to volunteer especially during this holiday season, saying “…It is the best way to start off the New Year with your resolutions already in action.”

More about the Northeast Florida Builders Association new board member Paul Davison and the volunteer opportunities at The Salvation Army may be found by visiting!/pauldavison79 . Jacksonville Outdoor lighting design estimates for security and elegance may be scheduled online at or by calling 904-779-9020. NiteLites of Jacksonville Outdoor Lights is licensed by the state of Florida # ES12000698.