Residential lighting publication, enLIGHTenment Magazine featured recent work by NiteLites of Kansas City Home Lighting. The article, from the November issue, detailed the charitable work of businesses participating in Show Houses. Our branch in Kansas City participated in the 44th Annual Kansas City Symphony Show House. These efforts have helped raise thousands of dollars for the Kansas City Symphony.

A full-page photo in the article showcases the breathtaking outdoor lighting that our team in Kansas City provided. A custom lighting plan was designed to accentuate the best features of the 92-year-old estate. The professionally installed lighting enhanced the architectural details, as well as the fountain, landscape, and pool.

NiteLites of Kansas City Home Lighting provides the very best in residential lighting, which can make a home more inviting and secure. An outdoor lighting system creates an alluring ambiance around homes and landscapes for a high-end feel. Our outdoor lighting applications are available to enhance the many elements of residential properties. NiteLites lighting systems may also be installed with energy-saving LEDs, which not only work to lower one’s carbon footprint, but also reduce energy costs.

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