In today’s technological age, it has become commonplace to see lighting everywhere. NiteLites of Naples Low Voltage Lighting uses beautiful outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate homes and businesses in the Southwest Florida area. However, NiteLites’ outdoor lighting designers are trained to only put light where it is needed. This is not the case with many other outdoor lighting systems. Light pollution is not only a black hole of energy waste; it also poses a danger to the environment.

Light pollution can disturb the migration, feeding, and reproductive habits of birds and insects. These creatures provide important services such as pollination of plants, spreading seeds, or providing meals for other animals. Disturbing this natural order can have an exponential effect on the surrounding world. Not only are these creatures affected, but also plants and trees may grow erratically due to the disturbance in the phototropic process.

Humans are not immune to problems with light pollution. Overbearing lights can have a negative effect on security by creating deep shadowy areas, or by having a blinding effect.

Each NiteLites of Naples Low Voltage Lighting fixture is designed to perform a specific task. These fixtures use shrouds to direct the light only to where it is needed. Not only does this eliminate the problems previously stated, it also allows a better view of the sky, enhances safety and security, and saves money on wasted light. A NiteLites of Naples Low Voltage Lighting professional lighting designer is trained to illuminate a property in the best way possible.

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