Becky White, owner of NiteLites of Sarasota Outdoor Lighting, will promote the latest in outdoor LED and low voltage lighting innovations at the Sarasota Spring Home Show. Held at the Sarasota Bradenton International Convention Center from March 23rd to March 25th, the event will host vendors and suppliers from throughout Florida.

You’ll see at the Sarasota Spring Home Show that one of NiteLites most popular design build services is the retrofitting of outdoor light systems with LEDs. The NiteLites LEDs save electricity and are eco-friendly because they last so much longer than solar, incandescent, halogen, mercury vapor, and even fluorescents light bulbs. The outdoor LEDs used by NiteLites were carefully designed for high quality light beam, energy efficiency, longevity, and overall reliability.

Low voltage landscape lighting systems truly are the best and most versatile options for exterior home or business improvement projects. Using fixtures consisting of 12 volts or less, NiteLites of Sarasota landscape lighting systems are both energy and cost efficient. The custom installation process is minimally invasive to the property; everything is done by hand so no deep trenching is involved.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has heralded LED as the future of lighting. According to the DOE LED lights have an extremely long life span when compared to incandescent lighting. They also consume considerably less energy and are clean burning, thereby reducing carbon emissions significantly. Some uses for LED lighting have been retail lighting, commercial and industrial lighting, and outdoor area lighting.

NiteLites 12 volt and LED systems offer many benefits over 120 volt and solar systems:

  • Smart Investment – NiteLites, an industry leader of top of the line lighting systems to increase the value and resale homes and commercial buildings.
  • Practical and Elegant – Illuminate your home and property creating an elegant atmosphere for entertaining and enjoying your home’s beauty at night. Dining alfresco in a subtle glow of ambient light captures the feeling of luxury and serenity.
  • Safety and Security – Yard lighting increases safety for family and guests by eliminating “dark areas” as well as making homes more visible and less inviting to burglars.
  • Expandable – NiteLites systems can be expanded to meet future needs. Types of lighting include landscape, architectural, path, patio, deck, pool side, fountain, pond, garden and tree lighting.
  • Design – A trained NiteLites professional designer will custom design a lighting plan that will reflect your personal tastes. You will be able to see how a NiteLites system can enhance your home during the free NiteLites evening demonstration.
  • Installation – Your NiteLites system will be installed by a trained NiteLites professional installer. Careful attention is paid to keeping your property neat and clean during installation.
  • Repair and Maintenance – NiteLites lighting systems are cast of solid brass and copper fixtures so they are rugged and stand up to the coast elements of south Florida. For outdoor light repair or bulb replacement, NiteLites has a full time team of technicians available. Maintenance contracts are available for owners to keep their systems in top condition year round.

NiteLites has been aware of the need for energy conservation since the company was established. The challenge was to develop an outdoor lighting product which did not consume an inordinate amount of energy, and did not disrupt the environment. Mr. Thomas Frederick, President and CEO of NiteLites, said “We wanted to produce a quality product while also being a responsible global citizen. That led us to manufacturing products which were long lasting, and recyclable. It also led us to developing low voltage systems both for safety and for energy conservation. Top quality solar lighting will be LED lighting fed from solar collectors on electric grids. This solar technology is progressing rapidly.”