“I don’t find time, I make it.” Those are the words of Rob Greening, owner of our Houston Outdoor Lighting location, regarding his many charitable works in the Tomball and Houston, Texas areas. Impact News, also of Houston, recently published an article detailing Mr. Greening’s focus on giving back to the community. The Houston outdoor lighting provider humbly volunteers for many programs such as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), a program that trains residents in first aid, search and rescue, how to put out a fire, and how to assist in emergency situations. He also participates in Houston Ground Angels, a group that taxis patients into Houston for medical treatments, Volunteers in Police Service, as well as helping to organize charity events in the Tomball and Houston Areas.

Our Houston location offers the best in home lighting. Be it landscape lighting, architectural lighting, or lighting for security, their contractors tailor every job to the specific needs of the individual property. A professional lighting system, designed and installed by NiteLites adds an artful, high-end ambiance to any home while offering an inviting and secure environment. We’re proud to offer unmatched warranties as well as different preventative maintenance plans. We’ve been in the business since 1992 and don’t plan on going anywhere. We will never leave you in the dark.

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