With summer becoming a memory, NiteLites of Sarasota Automated Lighting is here to shine light on the endless possibilities that arrive with fall.

As the days get colder we are presented with new opportunities to harvest creativity. This season, designers are bringing autumn to life with wonderful concepts; introducing brilliant textures and food inspired colors. Follow these simple tips and trends to construct the perfect setting.


Keeping the home diverse with texture is an important part of an exquisite design. With subtle changes in textures, any room’s richness is instantly enhanced. This gives contrast without trying too hard.

  • Fur, fuzzy and knit feels are great qualities to provide the perfect texture for rugs, pillows and blankets.
  • Mix up the accessories of the room with sleek vases and glassware, shiny silvers and rustic pieces.
  • Add depth to the surroundings with grasscloth wall covering or wallpapers that help create layers to the room.


Beautifully pairing the shades of fall with a dark accent facilitates strong natural warmth to the room.

  • Instead of spicing up your food, use the yellowish hue of turmeric to brighten and lift the mood.
  • Incorporate an array of amber accents of bourbon, truly bringing autumn inside.
  • Dark blues and indigos are trending right now. This is a great contrast to provide a filling richness.
  • Don’t forget the whites and light pinks to allow the shades of autumn to fully pop!


This season we find ourselves right in the middle of elegant mid-century styles and modern minimalism.

  • Soft, round edges with a cozy vibe are ringing in the new season with style and comfort.
  • Oversized pillows and throws with more texture will supplement the heat of summer.
  • Consider art and décor pieces with hard lines and minimal patterns to bring diversity to the room.

Landscape Lighting

One of the best ways to add depth and texture to the exterior of any home is through high-quality landscape lighting. A professional lighting design with perfectly placed fixtures to accent the amazing aspects of the property. Subtle warm white LEDs display the garden, architecture, pathways, deck and patio to bring an entirely new feel once of the sun sets. Enhanced home security and safety is an added benefit to strategically placed outdoor lighting fixtures.