Our St. Louis location knows that property management is a complex and competitive business. When it comes to attracting and retaining residents it is critical to keep up with clients’ expectations. Right now eco-friendly “Green” concepts are growing in popularity among both commercial and residential tenants. There are many environmentally sustainable products and practices that can be incorporated into every property to nurture tenant loyalty.

Save Money and earn tax incentives with the Better Building Initiative which promotes energy savings with property managers by offering tax incentives, financing opportunities, grants, and other offers for upgrading to more energy efficient and eco-friendly appliances, systems, and products. The goal of the Better Building Initiative is to reduce energy expenses in buildings by 40 billion dollars per year.

Encourage Recycling by incorporating a pickup service for the complex and by educating tenants by starting a recycling informational program.

Save Paper by having digital copies of paperwork including invoices with online payment, information about properties online, and even e-newsletters.

Increase Efficiency of furnaces and air conditioners with new filters monthly. Have lighting systems maintained regularly including an energy assessment for both interior and exterior lighting. There are many innovative electricity saving options including motion sensitive and dimmable lighting. Also, zoned lighting which is controlled by automated timers sets lights to a specified brightness only for the predetermined during the hours.

Save Water with no leaks and low flow faucets, showers, and toilets. Also water lawns and gardens during the cooler parts of the day so more is absorbed and less is wasted. Consider collecting rain water in cisterns lawns, gardens, and trees. Reserving water is not good for the environment; it is a step property managers can take to minimize ongoing expenses.

Save Electricity by replacing old outdoor lighting systems with new LED lighting systems. Our St. Louis location provides the best of the best in outdoor LED lighting. Whether a completely new system is installed or an old system is retrofitted LEDs save 75-80% on utilities compared to halogen systems.