According to Dr. Deborah Benzil, MD., there are numerous reasons why gardening is beneficial to your health. The kicker? Each unique advantage works together to achieve one primary goal: preventing osteoporosis. With better health and a magnificent garden, you’ll also need some garden lights to enjoy the fruits of your labor long into the night. Not convinced? Let’s cover the health benefits of gardening and see if it doesn’t coax you into getting your hands a little dirty.

1. Vitamin D

When working outside, you are breathing in fresh air and soaking up natural sunlight. “Getting regular, and safe, exposure to sunlight a few times a week is important in providing your body with the essential vitamin that keeps bones strong and helps your body absorb calcium.”

2. Weight-Bearing Exercise

Garden tools force us to use our muscles in ways that promote bone strength. Additionally, walking around your property while gardening is another aspect of it that aids with building bodily durability. “It’s the best kind of exercise…in preventing the softening of bones.”

3. Brain Health

There have been studies that suggest gardening is a great therapy method for those with dementia as well as a potential preventer of dementia itself.

4. Mental Health

Watching plants that you put time and energy into grow and thrive comes with a sense of satisfaction. Mindfulness also plays into the mood boost: seeing, touching, and smelling fresh plants places us in the present moment. The lighting in your garden would allow you to be able to enjoy and reflect on your accomplished work at night as well, even with fall cutting the days shorter every day.

Are you aware that gardening is beneficial to your health but just aren’t a morning person? Do you want neighbors to see the results of your landscaping labor at night? The solution is outdoor lighting or, more specifically, garden lights. We’ve got you covered–give us a call at 866-648-3548 or fill out a form on our website for a free estimate.