A person’s home is not only an investment into the future; it is a sanctuary for homeowners. There is no quicker way to ruin that investment than to feel completely unsafe in one’s own home. Criminals are everywhere. Even in the safest neighborhoods, thieves can easily find ways to intrude onto a property. Under the cover of darkness, a burglar can slip in and out of the grounds without the homeowner even being aware of their presence. What is a burglar’s worst enemy? The answer is light.

There are many ways to deter criminals from entering your property. Keeping the landscaping trimmed around doors and windows makes it hard for others to creep around the area. Property owners can also plant thorny plants such as Bougainvillea or Barberry around windows to make a burglar think twice about navigating though the thorny thickets. Adding outdoor LED landscape lighting to these steps will aid in removing the target from a property.

NiteLites of Naples Security Lights is an industry-leading provider of outdoor lighting systems. NiteLites provides lighting design, system installation, and system maintenance of energy efficient, outdoor LED landscape lighting systems. Many consumers desire their property to be illuminated in such a way that only accentuates the features of the landscape and architecture. NiteLites lighting designers are indeed experts at designing lighting systems with aesthetics in mind, but will also recommend designing with safety and security lighting in mind. When assessing the property’s unique qualities, a NiteLites lighting designer will identify dark spots in the property that would be utilized by intruders. By eliminating those, and using the latest in lighting automation technology, criminals will think twice about entering the grounds.

There are also safety aspects of installing a NiteLites outdoor lighting system. While it is desirable to deter burglars from entering the property, it is also necessary for the grounds to be welcoming to guests. NiteLites will utilize path lighting, step lighting, deck lighting, driveway lighting, and other applications to allow welcomed guests to safely and easily navigate their way around the property.

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