Tips on Getting Best Value On Landscape Lights

Staying true to their commitment to top quality residential and commercial outdoor lighting systems and core business practices, NiteLites provides the best quality not the lowest price. NiteLites has years of building their franchise business in Columbus on reliable outdoor lighting fixtures, transformers, and lighting accessories, which are all key components of top quality, landscape […]

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Pre-Construction Money Saving Tips

If you are anticipating the construction of a new home, there are certain things you plan to incorporate right from the start: a pool, a patio, a stairway, a garden and so on. You could save money in the long run by just taking some things into consideration before the actual construction of your home. […]

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NiteLites of Columbus Deck Light Designs Revealed

Deck Lights Are Available Through NiteLites The NiteLites outdoor lighting company is currently offering outdoor lighting solutions for homes and businesses in the Columbus area. This company has an assortment of different outdoor lighting options with top-quality LEDs that are available for use through the assistance of a NiteLites Outdoor Lights contractor. Outdoor Lights Options […]

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Top Benefits of Illuminating Commercial and Businesses Properties

Commercial properties and businesses around the Columbus area are easily lost in the hustle and bustle of the big city and surrounding suburbs. A growing number of schools, hospitals, businesses and commercial organizations are using their places of business at night as a source of additional revenue. Effective and efficient nighttime lighting is essential for […]

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Best Patriotic Home and Yard Improvements

Our outdoor lighting options make it easy to show off your patriotism Although the Fourth of July holiday has just passed, being proud to be an American shouldn’t be a once a year celebration. Whatever side of the isle you stand on, there’s no denying that America is a great country, and a forerunner of […]

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The Importance of Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Labor Day is a great time for outdoor events, which also means showcasing properties. Outdoor lighting maintenance is a crucial part of the appearance of the home. Lights that are out or could be replaced can take down a homes curb appeal. In addition to the attractiveness, outdoor lights also help to provide safety and […]

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NiteLites of Columbus Wins Business Growth Award

NiteLites of Columbus Landscape Lighting was honored at the 2011 NiteLites Outdoor Lighting Annual Conference. This Columbus outdoor lighting business received the President’s Club Award for Superior Growth. As a franchise in NiteLites, a national outdoor lighting industry leader, this local Columbus company specializes in both residential and commercial lighting installations. NiteLites has been in […]

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First Annual Free Tree Arbor Day Promotion

NiteLites of Columbus Commercial Lighting reminds Columbus business owners that Arbor Day is April 29th and encourages them to join in to make the environment a better place. Trees enhance the way businesses look by boosting curb appeal, help restore the environment by providing beauty, oxygen, cleaner air, and buffer from extreme hot and cold […]

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