Buying a Lighting Package vs Hiring a Legitimate Design-Build Lighting Business

Our Florence, Kentucky Location compares the difference between just selling lights and being a design-build lighting company. Your average consumer generally assumes that anyone selling landscape lighting systems is also a design-build company, but there are dramatic differences between those simply selling systems and the businesses that have the expertise to professionally design, install and […]

Northern Kentucky

Pre-Construction Money Saving Tips

If you are anticipating the construction of a new home, there are certain things you plan to incorporate right from the start: a pool, a patio, a stairway, a garden and so on. You could save money in the long run by just taking some things into consideration before the actual construction of your home. […]

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Homes with Outdoor Lights by Our Kentucky Location

NiteLites of Union, Kentucky boosts curb appeal, security and safety to enhance home sales by enticing home buyers. Outdoor lighting actually extends living spaces physically as well as visually. Contemporary outdoor LED lighting systems are also a smart investment when thinking of ways to add value to your home as a precursor to selling. Professionally […]

Northern Kentucky

Why DIY Outdoor Lighting Isn’t the Best Value

NiteLites of Northern Kentucky discusses the artistic value of professionally installed landscape lighting. The final touches are being made to landscapes as summer is finally starting to show through. The bushes have been cut back, the trees have been shaped and the flowers are in full bloom. To enjoy this new playground you have created […]

Northern Kentucky

Seeking Entrepreneurial Spirit to Help Us Expand Into New Territories

Here at NiteLites, we take pride in our franchise opportunity due to our commitment to quality products and exceptional customer service. We continue to grow and excel in the outdoor LEDs market. As people are building new homes or improving existing homes, the outdoor LED market continues to flourish. As technology progresses and environmental issues […]

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