Gardening for Health: Trends of Healthy Gardening

NiteLites Garden Lighting extends outdoor enjoyment while beautifying garden areas With summer in full swing, there are popular trends for enhancing the appeal of front and backyards. Sustainable gardening is one such trend that embraces all aspects of life. “Sustainable” means to perpetuate existence as well as to provide sustenance and nourishment. What is a […]

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National Outdoor Lighting Franchise Wraps Up Conference in New Orleans

National Outdoor Lighting Franchise, NiteLites, held their 2019 Conference in New Orleans. While they are not out enjoying the lively city, they’ll be in a boardroom going over the latest and greatest innovations in outdoor lighting technology. NiteLites outdoor lighting businesses from Charleston, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Delaware, Ft. Myers, Naples, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Northern […]

Commercial and Residential Curb Appeal: The Focus of NiteLites of Indianapolis Outdoor Lights Business

Indianapolis Outdoor Lights business, NiteLites, focuses on outdoor illumination to boost curb appeal of homes and businesses. Adding LED landscape lighting to homes and businesses increases their curb appeal and value. Also, the safety and security are enhanced significantly. LED Outdoor lighting not only brings a sense of beauty to your home, but also adds […]

Indianapolis, IN

The Advantages of Commercial Outdoor Lighting for Houston Businesses

Our Houston Commercial Outdoor Lights location shares the benefits of outdoor lighting with businesses and homeowners There are a number of reasons to consider low voltage LED outdoor lighting as a way to accent the landscape and architecture of a commercial property. From years of experience servicing the outdoor lighting demands of the Houston area, […]

Houston, TX

Top Benefits of Illuminating Commercial and Businesses Properties

Columbus Security Lighting business, NiteLites, explains the benefits of illuminating your business or commercial property. Commercial properties and businesses around the Columbus area are easily lost in the hustle and bustle of the big city and surrounding suburbs. A growing number of schools, hospitals, businesses and commercial organizations are using their places of business at […]

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Why NiteLites Fixtures are Better than the Big Box Brands

When choosing an outdoor lighting system, many consumers believe store-bought fixtures are the answer. This is a mistake that yields poor results and will put a drain on wallets as well. NiteLites of Charleston Commercial Lighting offers custom-designed outdoor lighting systems featuring NiteLites brand fixtures. NiteLites uses light fixtures designed to perform a specific task. For […]

Charleston, SC