Brad Lightner

Marilea and I met Robbie and his wife Dana at the Special Olympics this spring. It was obvious that Robbie was there to only volunteer and cheer these special children on with love and attention. We did not know about Robbie and his business before we met him at the Special Olympics. We had a problem pop up a day before we were to leave town on vacation. I called Robbie and asked if he could take a look and make a recommendation. Before we got on our plane, Robbie called and said "No Problem, you just had a few wires that needed attention." Marilea asked him to leave an invoice in our mailbox and Robbie's response was "no invoice-some recommendations would help." So folks, here is a neighbor who cares and volunteers, fixes a problem that he had nothing to do with, and all he wants is some help to get him some business recommendations. You won't find a better individual who is an excellent business owner, and a caring Blufftonian. Please give Robbie a shout at 843-593-9672 let him Lite up your life and home.

Bluffton, SC