NiteLites of Kansas City Energy Efficient Lighting takes a look at the benefits of major stadiums turning to LEDs.

Light emitting diodes, most commonly known as LEDs are gaining traction in every area of the lighting industry. Although this technology has been around for quite some time and commonly used in several fields, only recently has this product become a viable option across the board. With many attractive qualities, the great energy efficient benefits outweigh the initial investment. This has LEDs catching the eyes of stadiums and sporting arenas all across the country. The Arizona Cardinals and the Houston Texans both made the leap to LED this past season in exchange for the metal halide fixtures used in most venues. PNC Arena, home of the Carolina Hurricanes also now has LED stadium lighting, making them the second NHL to join the wave. The first major American venue with LEDs was War Memorial Arena located in Syracuse, NY. After the 2012 -2013 season, the 7,000 seat rink saw an 87% reduction in energy usage and doubled the light output for the arena.

The following are some of the amazing benefits of LED stadium lighting!

Energy Efficient – With low wattage the energy cost and usage are next to nothing, allowing for a tremendous reducing in operational costs.

Long Life – These bulbs are extremely durable and can last up to 50,000 hours. This keeps lighting maintenance at the bare minimum.

Quality of light – LEDs turn on instantly to full glow and color temperature, with no warm-up time. Also, they display a full, bright light that outperforms the old incandescent.

Versatility – With over 12 different color options, LEDs can change color, rotate and be remotely synced with music and sounds.


Our Kansas City franchise is excited to be back in the field after the outdoor lighting seminar, held in Charleston, South Carolina. The bi-annual conference was an amazing opportunity for networking and gaining valuable insight into the home building industry. There were also many outstanding lectures and speeches regarding social media, marketing techniques and advancements in LED technology. Our Kansas City branch is proud to have received the “Silver Award” and the “President’s Award” for 2014!

Peace of Mind

Safety and security are two extremely important needs for homeowners. Owning a professional low voltage lighting system helps aid these aspects of life. With a well-lit home and landscaping, the property is beautifully exposed and deters the advancement of intruders. In addition, the right lighting allows for pathways and steps to be easily seen for guests to avoid accidents and injuries. This is especially important in the winter months with snow and ice.