Join us at the Johnson County Home and Garden Show

Our Kansas City location will be showcasing the best of modern outdoor lighting design at the Johnson County Home and Garden Show. Another year is beginning and the cold weather has many homeowners already shopping for their home improvement projects for spring. Always remember, winter is the season for planning! Spring’s rebirth is right around […]

Kansas City, MO

Outdoor LED Lights: Why LED is the Only Option

NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor LED Lights looks into the future with LEDs being the only real choice out there for professional outdoor lighting systems Picking the right lighting shouldn’t be difficult. With outdoor lighting contractors like NiteLites of Dayton Outdoor LED Lights out there, these options can be made even simpler. So why does this […]

Dayton, OH

Top Lighting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

We share the importance of a well designed, installed and maintained outdoor lighting system. There is a great amount of functionality, creativity and understanding that comes with putting together a respectable outdoor lighting system. Common mistakes and downfalls make a DIY project an option only for those who want to spend a lot of time […]

Jacksonville, FL

Ambiance with String Lighting: Naples String Lighting Company on the Tone-setting Effects of Festive Lighting

Naples String Lighting Company, NiteLites, enhances both homes and businesses with a festive ambiance with outdoor string lights. Whether using string lights, rope lights, strip lights or custom LED strip lights, NiteLites of Naples Outdoor Lights has got you covered. With their expandable systems you can make the outdoor lighting vision of your dreams come […]

Naples, FL

Pre-Construction Money Saving Tips

If you are anticipating the construction of a new home, there are certain things you plan to incorporate right from the start: a pool, a patio, a stairway, a garden and so on. You could save money in the long run by just taking some things into consideration before the actual construction of your home. […]

Columbus, OH Dayton, OH Northern Kentucky

Outdoor Cold Weather Maintenance Before Winter

NiteLites of Delaware Outdoor Lights owner, Steve Levine, shares expertise on the money saving aspects of cold weather maintenance Winter is upon us and as the nights get shorter and temperatures drop, preparing your home for the upcoming months is a crucial part in maintaining the beauty of your property for the spring and summer. […]

Delaware Valley

DIY Outdoor Lighting VS Hiring a Trained Lighting Contractor

Sure, you may be able to install your own outdoor lighting, but if you want truly dramatic and beautiful lighting, hiring a lighting contractor is the way to go. Your local professional outdoor lighting contractor, NiteLites of Atlanta, has a few crucial reasons why hiring a lighting contractor may actually save you money in the […]

Atlanta, GA

The Benefits of Outdoor Lighting at Special Events

Our Kansas City location has the secret component to make any special event truly pop: professional outdoor lighting. Our Kansas City location does a great deal of outdoor lighting around the area for countless commercial and residential special events. They work with many wedding planners and party coordinators to add a luxurious flair to evening […]

Johnson County, KS